Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v1.0m (multiregion version)

Nintendo Wii controller - Wiimote - Image 1Nintendo may try to break hearts with a system update but the will of the homebrew scene is resolute. Now, developer waninkoko solves your Wii menu problems when you run games from a different region with Wii Duplicated Channel Remover. Details over at the full article.

Download: Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v1.0m (multiregion version)

Nintendo Wii logo - Image 1Irritated by those pesky duplicate channels in your Wii menu after running a game from another region? Homebrew developer waninkoko takes care of that with Wii Duplicated Channel Remover version 1.0m.

You may not want to get that Nintendo system update yet as this application uses the Trucha exploit. Here are more details straight from the dev:

  • It modifies channel TMD to remove all its contents.
  • It also modifies title version to make the Wii think you have a veeeeeeeery high version installed.

waninkoko instructs us to run the Wii Duplicated Channel Remover with Twilight Hack or by burning the ISO. After it finishes, the Nintendo Wii will restart on its own and proceed to auto-detect and wipe out those dupes. The homebrew will also modify some data so these dupes won’t happen again.

waninkoko also stressed that it’s important to use the specific version for your Wii (choose among USA, PAL, or JAP). The homebrew dev won’t take any responsibility for any damaged Wii so make sure to be 100% aware of what you’re doing.

Download: Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v1.0m (multiregion version)

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