Wii Homebrew – FTPii v0.0.15: SDHC support

Nintendo Wii Homebrew - Image 1joedj is back and with another welcomed update for his FTP server brew for the Wii, FTPii. This one’s up to version 0.0.15 now and you’ll find that there’s a couple of treats his got stashed in this goodie bag. It’s now got SDHC support now, for one. But you can bet that’s not the only thing he’s got for you here. Check out the rest of the new features after the jump.

Download: FTPii V0.0.15

FTPii v0.0.15 - Image 1joedj keeps himself busy with his Wiibrew project, FTPii, the FTP server for the Wii. This time, he’s upped the version to 0.0.15 and has added in more goodies in the bag just in time for Halloween.

This release, however, does more treating than tricking so check out the changelog below:

  • SDHC support (thanks svpe!)
  • released as boot.dol for Homebrew Channel beta9 compatibility
  • more reliable network initialisation


Download: FTPii V0.0.15

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