Wii Shop Channel Japan gets new ‘bonus redeem software’ feature

Wii getting new a new feature - Bonus Redeem Software - Image 1Wii gamers in Japan seem to be getting a lot of new features on their consoles lately. Japan’s Wii Shop Channel is getting a new features area that will let gamers get free software. Details in the full article.

Wii getting new a new feature - Bonus Redeem Software - Image 1As if the new Digicam Print Channel that Wii gamers in Japan recently got wasn’t enough, they now have a new “features” area in the Wii Shop Channel called “bonus redeem software.”

This new feature will allow Wii gamers to enter a code that will get them free software from the Wii Shop Channel. It seems that certain retail games will provide these codes.

We can only speculate at this time, but people believe the new feature may offer free Wii points, or free Virtual Console titles – maybe even WiiWare titles – with the purchase of certain games.

I’d like to see this feature introduced in other regions too. It’s good promo material for the Wii (as if it needed any), and besides, I like free stuff.

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