Wiibrew Snes9xGX 002: Classic Controller and Nunchuk support, configurable controllers

Wiibrew Emulator: Snes9xGX - Wii Homebrew - Image 1Another version of the popular Snes9x emulator has been released, this time from Wiibrew developer michniewski. Snes9xGX features support for the Wii Classic Controller as well as the Nunchuk. All controllers in this build can also be configured. Details in the full article.

Download: Snes9xGX 002

Wiibrew Emulator: Snes9xGX - Wii Homebrew - Image 1 

A new version is out for the popular Snes9X emulator, this time from Wii homebrew developer michniewski. Called Snes9xGX, this emulator has support for the Wiimote, as well as the nunchuk and the Wii Classic Controller.

What’s neat is that all the controllers in this emulator can be configured. Michniewski also notes that the emulator needs only one global configuration per controller. The emulator even has a GameCube version, although this is still untested.

Be sure to read the documentation included with the download. Here’s the changelog since the intial release:

[What’s New 002]

  • added: classic and nunchuk support
  • added: all controllers can now be configured
  • added: GC version (untested)
  • changed: mappings are no longer stored in SRAM, but in config file. This means no per-game configurations, but one global config per controller.
  • one makefile to make all versions. (thanks to snes9x143 SVN)

[What Was New 001]

  • compiles with latest devkitppc (r15)
  • now uses libfat (can use front sd slot on wii)
  • updated menu items a bit
  • wiimote support
  • fixed: autoload sram/freeze
  • fixed: rom plays immediately after loading

Download: Snes9xGX 002

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