Wiimote accessory: Super Fighting Pad for Wii

Accessory: Super Fighting Pad for Wii - Image 1 If you simply find it a tad too difficult using the Wiimote when playing fighting games and even RPGs in Nintendo’s Wii console, then you’d probably want to customize your controller with the Super Fighting Pad. Check out more on this accessory after the jump!

Accessory: Super Fighting Pad for Wii - Image 1 

The Wiimote is indeed one extraordinary controller that’s ever been developed. But unlike conventional controllers, players might not be able to comfortably play fighting games or RPGs prolonged.

Fortunately, the people from Dragon Electronics have come up with an accessory that turns your ordinary Wiimote to a standard controller, apt for playing arcade games. if you check out the picture provided above, the Wiimote now can be used appropriately with the handgrips.

The retail price for this is US$ 7.95. Also, if you do have plans of purchasing more than one you can actually get a discount. Simply put, the more that you buy, the greater the discount you get.

If you’re itching to know more about this certain accessory, feel free to head on to the source link below.

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