Wintersday Hats winners in Guild Wars finally revealed

Wintersday Guild Wars NC Soft - Image 1The final day of Wintersday already passed in NCSoft‘s Guild Wars, and the winners of the Wintersday Hat contest are finally revealed. Check out the winning entries in the full article!

Christmas has come and gone, and so are the online versions of the happy holidays. In MMORPG Guild Wars (by NCSoft) case, the final day of Wintersday meant that the winners of the Guild Wars Wintersday 2007 Contest are finally decided upon. The winning entries were announced last January 1, and the two new Wintersday Helms were displayed along with the player-designed Grenth helm.

For the uninitiated, the final day of the Wintersday event is all about the contest between Grenth, the Lord of Death and Ice, and Dwayna, the Goddess of Air and Life. The hat that Grenth bestows upon the players on the final day of Wintersday is, in turn, based on the winning hat design.

For this year, the design that takes home the grand prize is an icicle-themed confection created by Nian. Check out the other winning designs in the pictures below!

Guild Wars Wintersday Hats - Image 1 Guild Wars Wintersday Hats - Image 2 Guild Wars Wintersday Hats - Image 3 
Guild Wars Wintersday Hats - Image 4 Guild Wars Wintersday Hats - Image 5

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