XBL bans lifted; some still waiting to be unbanned

Xbox 360:M icrosoft-Xbox Live ban updates - Image 1Questionable hardware behavior moved Microsoft to lift its ban on allegedly “modified” consoles last week. There are still some gamers with unmodded consoles though who are at an uproar since they haven’t been unbanned yet. Check out the full article to learn what could’ve caused Microsoft to ban a lot of accounts.

Xbox 360: Microsoft-Xbox Live ban updates - Image 1Microsoft‘s has recently taken action to lift the Xbox Live ban put into effect last week on allegedly modified consoles. Due to recent evidence regarding hardware anomalies, gamers who were banned due to irregular data sent over at Xbox Live are now having their bans lifted because, apparently, it’s the Xbox 360 itself that’s proliferating the “bogus data” due to the console’s lens nearing the end of its life.

Some players though expressing their grievances in light of people not having their bans lifted even though their consoles aren’t modified, while others who are using modified firmwares ranging from 5.x to 1.4 are getting their bans lifted.

Whether you’re in use of a modified Xbox 360 or not, it really is aggravating not to be able to play your games over at Xbox Live. To avoid experiencing undue frustration, it’s advised that you don’t modify your console to avert getting banned.

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