XLink Kai: Evolution VII updated to

XLink Kai: Evolution VII updated to - Image 1Great news to those who are currently utilizing the free service from XLink Kai. An update to Evolution VII has been released. You guys are now free to get the the latest version which is This soft update contains some nifty changes. Find out what they are after the jump.

XLink Kai: Evolution VII updated to - Image 1If you’ve been avid fans of the service by Xlink Kai: Evolution VII, then you guys definitely have it good today. The latest update,, has just been released for people to enjoy.

This latest expansion is what the company considers a “soft update.” In order for you guys to fully upgrade your versions, first you must uninstall the previous one, then you can install the

Changes in this update include a streamlined update mechanism for better security and stability. Furthermore, greater accessibility and usability options have been added through enhanced support of Asian character sets and user-selectable font resizing.

But what’s really notable about is that it utilizes a retooled orbital selection mechanism which limits Kai network congestion and makes connecting to the servers faster and more efficient.

You guys can acquire the update by visiting the source link below. Don’t forget to come back to this space for more updates.

Via Teamxlink.co.uk

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