xRick v2.0

xRick v2.0 - Image 1Developer Alekmaul has released an improved version of the xRick homebrew game originally developed by GPF. This new build will carrying some bug fixes, although the developer had to disable its load/save state feature. The changelog is available over in the full article.

Download:xRick v2.0

xRick v2.0 - Image 1Remember the xRick homebrew game that Troy Davis (aka GPF) released to the DS some time ago? We’re letting you know that Alekmaul is now the current developer behind this project, and that the game’s recently been updated to version 2.0.

Among other updates, this release removes the infinite dynamite effect the players may have been enjoying. Load/Save states have also been removed due to bugs. As for the rest of the changelog:

  • New design, new musics (2 musics from RICK II)
  • efslib is used to avoid memory pbs
  • 4 differents menus adapted for each level
  • no more infinite dynamite/munition
  • CHEAT mode available like in the AMIGA version( you must find it 😉 )
  • comic book available (replace palette modification)
  • new end screens from Lobo
  • No more load/save state, too much buggy 🙁

As a recap, xRick is an open-source remake of the Rick Dangerous platformer game originally  developed by Core Design. It was originally released to the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and DOS platforms.

Alekmaul further notes the MK5 card appears to have issues with this game – it hangs when you attempt to run xRick on it twice in a row. Further details regarding its controls and other important information are available in the file bundle’s readme. Enjoy the download, and be sure to contact the author (via the source link below) should you run into any problems with this release.

Download: xRick v2.0

Via Portabledev

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