First Cabal Online comic: The Power of Premium

Cabal Online - Image 1 The winner of the first Cabal Online comic contest has finally been announced, and the first comic based on the winning plot has also been revealed. More in the full article.

Cabal Online - Image 1Earlier this month, players of ESTsoft‘s Cabal Online were asked to send in ideas for a Cabal Online comic. The entries have finally been looked over and the first Cabal Online comic has just been published.

It’s not an actual full-on comic that can be bought in stores, mind you. It’s a one-page webcomic based on the winning entry from Cabal Online player Oras. The comic’s called “The Power of Premium” (can anybody say “advertising”?) and you can check it out at the source link below.

The contest will once again be happening next month, so if any of you Cabal Online players out there think you’ve got a plot that’s good enough to be put in comic form, send your entries in once the contest is announced.

Via Cabal Online

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