Hack: PS3 Backup Launcher V.001 Alpha (Work in Progress)

Hack: PS3 Backup Launcher V.001 Alpha (Work in Progress) - Image 1CJPC is sending word on the ongoing development of a Backup Launcher for development versions of the Sony PlayStation 3. This highly experimental application will enable users to boot PS3 Games from its HDD, among other functions. Details are up ahead in the full article.

It’s not exactly an update for the recent rumors of a PlayStation 3 successfully running backups, but it’s going in that direction. CJPC is sending word of the development of a PS3 TEST Backup Launcher, currently at version .001 Alpha. Here’s CJPC’s accompanying screenshot of the application’s interface:

Hack: PS3 TEST Backup Launcher V.001 Alpha (Work in Progress) - Image 1 

According to the developer, this application will enable users to copy games directly to the console’s HDD. The launcher does so by copying the game files into a folder it creates in the HDD, much like how PSN game demos are loaded into the console. As CJPC further elaborated:

The games are then launched using a relevant call, such as sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn or sys_game_process_exitspawn2 (depending on location) and the loader then passes control off to the game, where it is run from.

The bad news is that this launcher is still very much in the  pre-Alpha, and will only run on a Developmental PS3. It will not run on the console’s retail version. That said, here’s what the launcher can currently do:

  • Boot PS3 Games from HDD
  • Boot PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM
  • Copy Original PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM to HDD
  • Patch the executable on some games to run from HDD

Keep an eye out in case we pick up any new updates regarding this possibly ground-breaking news bit.

Via PS3News

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