60GB PS3 sent for repair stuck with no replacements

PlayStation logo - Image 1Early adopters for the Sony PlayStation 3 are enjoying backwards compatibility, but they probably won’t be happy when their 60GB machines break down. One PS3 owner reportedly sent his faulty console back for repair, only to find out over a month later that the same model is not in stock and there’s no telling when he can get a replacement. Find all the details at the full article.

PlayStation 3 - Image 1There’s a rather sad story we chanced upon about a Sony PlayStation 3 owner who’s not happy with what happened to his console. One person who we only know as Kosma from Europe claims that he sent his faulty 60GB PS3 for repair around a month and a half ago. The unfortunate thing is, he may not be able to get it back in a few more months.

The console in question is the backwards compatible model which has effectively been replaced with the cheaper 40GB SKU. Now that the older machines are basically out of the picture, Kosma is in an alarming situation where he has to wait indefinitely before Sony ships the same Sony PS3 model to his region for replacement.

Upon contacting a representative, Kosma was told that the 60GB PS3 is not in stock and there’s no saying when Sony will send replacements. “We don’t know when a shipment will arrive to replace your unit. Call back in 2/4 weeks for an update.”

We’ll be there when updates drop, so keep checking this space!

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