Cabal Online: Changelog previewed for next game patch

Cabal Online: Changelog previewed for next game patch - Image 1Cabal Online will be receiving a new game patch by next week, according to Kru over at the MMORPG’s official forums. The devs have also posted a preview of the changes for this patch, which you can view over in the full article.

Cabal Online: Changelog previewed for next game patch - Image 1 

Enjoying your free play experience for Cabal Online‘s U.S. port so far? If you are, then you might want to read this update from EST Corp. Kru over at Cabal‘s official forums is announcing that another patch update is currently under development, and is due for release next week.

While the developers can’t give an exact release date yet, they were kind enough to drop off a list of the changes the patch will carry. We’ve posted a copy of the changelog below in case you’re interested in reading it.

We remind the readers that the patch is still undergoing testing, and that the devs may be adding more changes to this list in the next few days. Those interested in joining the discussions regarding this patch will want to visit Cabal Online‘s forums, via the source link below.

  • Additions
    • Add warning message when user goes back from the world to another world through the gateway
    • Add quick slot key (shift + left click) to move to the next tab of inventory/ warehouse
    • Open high level world maps on GPS (Undead ground and above level)
    • Add function to give party invitation authority to all party members
    • Add icon to show debuff used on monster
    • Extend 4th inventory for Premium service
    • Core item extension
    • Add Chaos Arena dungeon: Entrance of Chaos Arena is located in Bloody Ice (see image below)
    • New Premium service : Diamond service
    • Blessing Bead – skill EXP 50% UP
    • Blessing Bead – Plus
    • Astral Board Card – X3 White
  • Corrections
    • Correct the error of disconnection with server abnormally when the CABAL windonw is minimized for long time.
    • Correct the error of showing abnormal text of SP consumption for Combo skill
    • Correct the error of disabled auto registration if user registers item after check auto registration on personal shop
    • Correct the error of not being able to check the user’s login/logout status in buddy/guildmember list when ‘shout’ option is off in chat window.
    • Correct the error of disconnection when party is requested while user is already in a party.
    • Correct the error of when inviting to be in a party to other user and when the user logs off, one who gave invitation cannot invite anymore.
    • Correct the error of time not counting in a quest dungeon where the mobs are.
    • Correct the error of Debuff not applying when Infernal Impact skill is used on the character.
    • Correct the error of quest item not disappearing when completed the quest and the one of the party member is outside of the dungeon.
    • Correct the error of not being able to continue with the instant dungeons when a party member who was outside of the dungeon is at the gate or connecting to the world.
    • Correct the error of disconnection when clicking on the quest dialogue while holding quest item.
    • Correct the error of character walking on the same spot when skill is used near the obstacles.
    • Correct the error of attack radius increase showing of Astral Shield
    • Correct the error of damage overlapping display of ofrce step skill of Force Blader
    • Correct the error of Lv. 4 Chaos Arenea related item dropping in the Lake Side.
    • Correct the error of SP recovery rate being same between Raise Spirit Level 1 and 20.
    • Correct the error of showing abnormal HP when user use Shooting Star skill.
    • Correct the error of not able to use GPS button in quick slot in lobby of mission war channel
    • Correct the error of showing abnormal item name on warning window when selling quest item (Love letter -> Helper’s Quest T item)
    • Correct the error of showing abnormal movement of Astral Bike/Board
    • Correct the error of disconnection when user obtain item while sending invitation to others in party
    • Correct the error of showing wrong message when user uses Mana Freeze to normal character (when user is not in PvP/ PK)
  • Changes
    • Boss name is changed to “Wraith” of “The King Killer” quest dungeon.
    • Corrected so that no warning message is shown, when putting the Plate of Honor in the warehouse
    • ” Message color changed when guildmembers login/logout
    • *Green- Guildmember chat and Notices
    • *Dark Green- Guildmember Login/Logout notice”
    • Changed not to show UI for gateway dungeon complete
    • When putting items in the warehouse and there is not enough Alz in the inventory, reserved Alz are spent
    • Changed compensation skill of Wizard quest (Burning Hand → Freeze)
    • Normal Attack can be used when skills that cannot be used in Battle Mode2 is used.
    • Changed not to show system message when Scroll Lock key is used
    • ” Changed the system message for using dummy: * Delete EXP gain message, * Add Skill EXP gain message”
    • Changed to Promotion Quest type 4(Internal change, users won’t be able to notice)
    • Changed item drop rate of Tower of Undead B2F
    • Change to limit use of shout (Alz shouter protection) as below: – Users who are under lv 20 cannot shout in game, – Users who are under battle style rank level 3 cannot shout in game
    • Remove the option of Screen Ratio (Auto setting for resolution)
    • Changed the color of character names as party chat color for the party members
    • Change the cost for Force Core enchant
    • Change level up quest (quest id: 548, Prometheus in Pursuit)
    • Change the action for class level up
    • Change “Perfect Core” craft – normal craft lv 9 to “Perfect Core (High)” craft
    • Change “Perfect Core” in Chaos box – Core to “Perfect Core (High)
    • Change the duplication of showing permanent item on INSTANT ITEM UI
    • Extend 4th inventory for Premium service
    • Drop Increasing on High Level Maps
    • Remove login window from server select
  • Core item extension
    • [Perfect Core]: Change the Perfect Core to Perfect Core (Highest) and add Perfect Core (Low/ Medium/ High)
    • [Force Core]: Force Core upgrade is changed as types changed
    • Force Core upgrade Alz cost is decreased for Bluestin and lower level items.

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