Custom Firmware 3.93 Update 2 with HellCat’s Savegame Deemer

Sony PSP logo - Image 1PSP owners who use PSP Custom Firmware 3.93 should know that Update 2 is already out, with two major changes to the CFW. One is the fix to a rather serious bug, and the other is the removal of a plugin, which is still provided separately is you’re interested in still using it. More info about this update in the full article!

Download: CFW 3.93 Update 2 (with HellCat’s Savegame Deemer)

Sony PSP Logo - Image 1Update 2 for Custom Firmware 3.93 is finally out with the fix for the fairly serious selection bug. You’re suffering from this bug if you notice your PSP (that uses this custom firmware, mind) choking whenever you press Select while the Sony keyboard is operational.

The other major change included in this update as posted by Ketchupman (theketchupman in QJ’s forums) is the removal of HellCat‘s Savegame Deemer plug in, which lets PSP users save and load unencrypted save data. However, in case you still prefer using Savegame Deemer, the homebrew developer has provided the plug-in which you can install separately.

Here’s the official changelog (run through our favorite weblator from French):

  • Correction “bug Select”. This bug was reported by all users: When the keyboard Sony appears, pressing Select, it freezait the console. This has been corrected.
  • Removal of the Backup utility Décryptée of HellCat. We thank HellCat for his work, for certain reasons (mainly license), it was decided to remove the utility.

You can find both the update to Custom Firmware 3.93, and HellCat’s Savegame Deemer in the download links below. For installation instructions as well as important reminders that you need to read before install, just refer to the documentation provided for both downloadable files. Enjoy!

Download: CFW 3.93 Update 2 (with HellCat’s Savegame Deemer)

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