Dark Void game details, protagonist unmasked

Dark Void - Image 1Capcom has let loose some details on Dark Void, Airtight Games’ upcoming shooter for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Learn more about the game and its protagonist in the full article.

Dark Void - Image 1 Dark Void - Image 2

That guy up there is Will. He’s the hero in Capcom‘s new game, Dark Void for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Will fits the average, everyday guy trope: he’s just an ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances (he got sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and ended up in a parallel universe). Oh, and he has a wicked jetpack, too. Think of him as Rocketeer 3000.

But enough about Will. Dark Void‘s associate producer, Shana Bryant, also revealed a few more details about the game other than the main protagonist.

According to Bryant, even though Dark Void is not an open-world game, players will still have the freedom to choose how they approach a battle. The typical run-and-gun tactic is a favorite. Players can also use cover for more tactical battles. They can even use their jetpacks to hijack a UFO and rain fire on their enemies. Mmm, sounds good.

Sounds good to me. Dark Void is currently being produced by Airtight Games and has been penciled in for a Q4 2008 release.

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