European Wii Fit website now up

Wii Fit - Image 1With Wii Fit‘s imminent release in Europe on April 25, Nintendo of Europe has started to step up the campaign promoting Nintendo’s fitness regimen by opening the local Wii Fit website. The full website isn’t up yet, but the content currently available is already interesting enough to steal a few minutes from your life. More in the full article.

Wii Fit site - Image 1

Nintendo of Europe is already stirring the hype surrounding the upcoming European release of Nintendo’s Wii fitness title, Wii Fit. The website promoting Wii Fit has been upped, giving interested gamers a peek into what can they expect from the (non)game that piqued the interests of many casual gamers.

Visitors to the Wii Fit site can only see the preview for now; the full microsite will follow soon, possibly upon the software’s launch on April 25. However, some interesting tidbits can already be spotted, such as four segments of the Iwata Asks concerning the making of Wii Fit, as well as two trailers.

Curious much? Go ahead, hit the Via link below and check if Wii Fit is indeed worth your purchase. With the website’s zen design and pleasant stark-white visuals, browsing it will give a few stolen moments of relaxation.

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