Guitarfun v2.9 Beta: now with online support

Wii Homebrew game news and downloads - Image 1Wii homebrew developer Hermes has released a new version of Guitarfun, a Guitar Hero clone with a much more expansive selection of songs. Guitarfun has several bug fixes and now features online support. Details in the full article.

Download: Guitarfun v2.9 Online Beta

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Wiibrew developer Hermes has released the latest build to Guitarfun, which is now on version 2.9. In case you missed the previous releases, Guitarfun is a Guitar Hero clone, much like Frets on Fire, and lets you use a number of peripherals as a substitute for the guitar (although you can still use the one from Legends of Rock).

This version of Guitarfun carries a number of bug fixes, but the major update is that it now carries online support. Note though, that this features is only in its beta stage. Hermes was able to play between a Wii and a PC using a LAN, although play through WiFi had a few errors. Direct play between two Wiis has not been fully tested.

Here are the guidelines for online play as enumerated by Hermes (translated by Google). It’s long, so if you want to skip ahead to the download, just go to the bottom of the article. Make sure to read through the rest of the documentation included in the download archive:

Preparing to play Online

  • The first thing we need is to make sure that we have no repeated songs (that matches the exact title and artist in song.ini) because it is not yet fully empowered checking files.
  • Obviously, we need the person you are going to play, have exactly the same song (and not a cloned version or anything like that)
  • The program makes default port 4298, so we need to open this port in our firewall / router or whatever. The program takes the IP from your PC or server for the Wii, asiq ue no need to enter.
  • The program made the connection as a server or as a customer. The server is always 1 and the player can choose between his song list, the level of difficulty or gameplay. The customer Meanwhile, he awaits. It is therefore obvious that querreis going to be alternating between servers or clients, so I recommend you change the port of listening to one of the servers (and therefore, it is best that abrais two ports to play: yours and the another)
  • Okay, we run the program and the first thing we do is go the way “Single Player”. When you see the list of songs and start sounding a theme, observed that down, I get a yellow button with the sign “F3” and the legend “Fix Online Song” or “unfixable Online Song.” Well, this is the way to make your list for when haceis Online server. It has a maximum of 16 songs and simply perched on a song and letting the sounds musisca, you can tell if this song is a list or not (If sample “Fix” is not this). F3 is the third button on the configuration of command that esteis using, which may be the (+) if using these Nunchuck. Remember this.
  • Well, now we leave there and go into the option “Online from the main menu. We can now see a short menu with options “Create Server” and “Connect to Server”

Mode Server

  • If you fijais, appears below amarillo/F3 button with the legend “Edit server,” if we are positioned at the option of “Create Server.” If we press on, we can edit the name of our server and the number of port (F1 uses to edit and then move to the next letter or F2 to leave. Use Up / Down to decrease / increase a letter or number)
  • If we enter into an option Create Server, the program it waits to connect a customer. When you go online,
  • pasareis to see the list of songs for the game online. If you are not allowed to choose a song to play, it may be because that person does not have this song, or there is any type of error in communication.
  • After choosing the song, difficulty, etc., will be the burden of song and quedareis while waiting in a final display of synchronization, before leaving the game.
  • Mode Client
  • If you go into the “Connect to Server”, entrareis on a screen that displays 8 editable accounts, with F3 where we can go to rename the account, or ip port connection. It works like editing the server, only that we can change the destination IP.
  • Pressing F1 on account target, looks forward to connect to the server when it observareis the rotulito “Online” and the name of the server with which you connected.
  • When the server selects a song, is shown on screen, like when it decides how to play. Finally, when the server has already chosen all the conditions of the game shows a screen with the song, gameplay and level of difficulty, for a few seconds.
  • Why is the burden of a screen composition and synchronization to the server and client, run simultaneously.


  • When you appear in the game, below shows the type of peripheral that you are using each.
  • In the online mode, there is no death: rockometro never descends, so that we can test even being a single player.
  • If one player break the game, that player can only resume (always have the option to leave the game)
  • If at some point the game is aborted, is that the other party has decided to do so. If at some point, you are waiting for the server and salis at home, is that the server has canceled the game or has been a problem in trying to select a song.
  • Remember that F1 is pressing the A and B F2 is the button on the command menus and F3 may be the (+) or 1 in any configuration. If you apparently can not press F3, change the configuration of command.

Known Issue

  • In Wii if you open a connection and some time without being connected, the connection is lost and it is not possible to recover (in the channel will also Homebrew, sometimes it goes the clip). So try that both the client and server, are communicating, on an ongoing basis, even when you’re out of the game.

Download: Guitarfun v2.9 Online Beta

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