iPong v1.0 – Pong reinvented

iPong v1.0 by Tanos - Image 1Before you close your doors on yet another Pong homebrew game for your PSP, check this one out first. Created by Spanish developer Tanos, iPong is described as “Pong reinvented.” Head on over to full article to find out why.

Download: iPong v1.0

iPong screen - Image 1 

Okay, so we’ve all seen more than enough pong games to last us our lifetime on the PSP. But this one from Spanish dev Tanos is a breath of cool air among all the pong games out there.

iPong is Pong reinvented, to say the least, and its got cool neon graphics. Lined up at the top of the screen are the items usable such as Turbo, hot ball or gravitational file. But the best part is you can actually play with a friend using just one PSP.

You will also find four Challenges mode, and you’d obviously have to successfully go through the first one before you can go on to the next ones.

Here are the controls:

One Player

  • Digital Pad Up/Down: Move the bar.
  • O: Gravitational filed.
  • R + Pad: Turbo
  • Start: Pause

Two Players:

Player 1:

  • Digital Pad Up/Down: Move the bar.
  • Digital Pad Right: Gravitational field
  • L: Turbo

Player 2:

  • O/X: Move the bar
  • Square: Gravitational field
  • R: Turbo

For more info, check out the readme included in the bundle. Enjoy!

Download: iPong v1.0

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