Let dogfights liven up your dog days with Heroes Over Europe

Heroes Over Europe - Image 1It’s back to World War II and the Heroes of the Pacific are heading to European skies in the sequel, Heroes Over Europe. The fight never looked better with Red Mile Entertainment and Atari meticulously and painstakingly giving detail to large 3D environments, from London to Berlin. Watch the breathtaking video inside.

More than two years after QJ first caught a whiff of a sequel to Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes Over Europe finally has a trailer – and a great one at that. We don’t get many flight simulators around any more, and this crisp HD title from Red Mile Entertainment and Atari is a very welcome addition.

Fly over the skies of Berlin and London as you play to secure the win for the Allied Forces of World War II. This is one game where you’ll really need to come at your enemies guns blazing. If you don’t, they will. It’s sky-high, kill-or-be-killed action in this game, so keep checking back here for the latest news on Heroes Over Europe.

The wait won’t be for too long – Heroes Over Europe is coming to your skies on Spring 2009.

When Heroes Over Europe got into gear:

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