May 19 or May 21? Confusion hits Wii Fit’s U.S. launch

Wii Fit - Image 1 Thanks to the hype surrounding Wii Fit, the game has posted spectacular numbers in the regions where it is already out. In the U.S., though, it looks like things are off to a rocky start.

Wii Fit - Image 1Wii Fit‘s U.S. debut yesterday was marred by confusion, thanks in no small part to conflicting information about the game’s actual launch date. This according to GameSpot.

A last minute announcement from Nintendo confirmed that the game’s launch was indeed on the 19th, but it only applied to the Nintendo World Store in New York City. A lucky few managed to get copies of the game there, where it sold out in under an hour.

People who pre-ordered from other retailers were also met with disappointing news: they have to wait until tomorrow, May 21, to get their Wii Fit copies. Apparently, some retailers have already had the game in stock for a couple of weeks but have been told not to sell any copies until the 21st.

GameSpot contacted Nintendo for comments regarding the confusion as well as possible shortages but the company has not yet replied.

Via GameSpot

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