Namco Bandai confirms We Cheer for Nintendo Wii

Namco Bandai's Wii Cheer goes RAH RAH RAH! - Image 1We Cheer was first sighted over at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. After much of speculation, Namco Bandai now has sent a press release confirming the existence of the title for the Nintendo Wii. Aside from that, initial details were also provided. More on this after the jump!

Namco Bandai confirms We Cheer for Nintendo Wii - Image 1After its initial sighting over at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Namco Bandai has now sent a press wire confirming that its developing a cheering game for the Nintendo Wii. It will be called We Cheer.

As its name implies, the game puts players in the middle of a nationwide cheerleading competition. The Wiimote will serve as pompoms and choreographed routines will be dictated by on-screen indicators.

Speaking of routines, Namco Bandai has said that these will include full range of arm and body movements such as spins and twists. Successfully performing the stunts will allow players to recruit new members and learn new tricks.

Said Namco Bandai Director of Marketing and Public Relations Todd Thorson,

With its easy to learn motion controls, irresistible gameplay, and instantly recognizable hit songs, We Cheer is poised to offer a breakthrough new video game experience for girls when it launches this fall.

In terms of gameplay modes, We Cheer will include cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players. There will also be a workout mode that lets players keep track of approximately how many calories they have burned while cheering.

The songs in the game will be licensed with the inclusion of artists Hilary Duff, Aly & AJ, The Plain White T’s and Natasha Bedingfield. Lastly, customization options will also be available for characters.

Namco Bandai also mentioned that it is targeting a Fall launch for We Cheer. Keep checking back here at QJ.NET as we are sure to get more updates on this in the coming days.

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