On Shelves This Week: June 8 to June 14, 2008

On Shelves This Week - Image 1This week welcomes the much-loved and much-awaited Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami. No longer should we worry about broken street dates, because today it all becomes official. But Solid Snake is not the only superhero around as there’s also Goku and the gang of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, as well as the big, green machine, The Incredible Hulk. If you’d rather work on the sidelines, then Don King Present: Prizefigther is here as well to show you the ropes of managing in the boxing profession, as well as Total Extreme Wrestling 2008. More games await after the jump!

On Shelves This Week - Image 1

While last week served up a beefy serving of On Shelves, it is now time to move on and see what’s in store for us this week, which is our new “now”. It’s hot, it’s cooking, and it’s definitely beefier than the last time around.

If you don’t believe us, I guess I’d only have to name-drop once, and that name is Solid Snake. Yes, people. Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally, really landing at our awaiting hands this week, and so we hope you brushed up on your favorite characters, courtesy of our character countdown. Solid Snake is joined in by other gaming heroes, such as Hulk of The Incredible Hulk, and Goku of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

And while the PSP has no new releases for this week, we’re sure the multi-faceted gamer you will still manage to keep those gamer hands of your busy, what with all the games we have joining our collection this week.

Solid Snake of MGS4 - Image 1Metal Gear Solid 4. Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece is finally gracing our humble presence via Sony’s power console, the PS3. Its tagline “No Place to Hide!” is most certainly keeping true to form as news of broken street dates surfaced last week. Solid Snake is in so much demand he sure is having a hard time keeping to himself until the official launch, and it’s no surprise because he got a perfect score from Famitsu. The launch of MGS4 comes ten years after the release of Metal Gear Solid and 20 after the original Metal Gear. That’s a lot of history right there.

  • PlayStation 3 – June 12, 2008
  • US$ 59.79
  • ESRB Mature
  • Konami

Backyard Baseball 2009. Some would say this title can be likened to a mini version of Madden or MLB, what with the expansion tactics Atari employs. Flex those throwing arms with real baseball strategies as well as power ups and lots of action to stoke that baseball flame in you.

  • Nintendo Wii, PC – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 39.99
  • Atari

Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy. Based on the PC game TUMIKI Fighters, this Wii version retains the side-scrolling action that we’ve come to love. Blast away at those danged polygonal toy blocks cos they are no friends of yours. For the Wii, extensive editing tools have been added in for good measure so you can customize your own content, even allowing you to create entire levels from scratch.

  • Nintendo Wii – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 39.99
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Majesco Games

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm. The storm sure is far from over as Alaskan Storm gears up to head over to the Xbox 360 and the PC. Battle the elements as you come face to face with 40-foot waves, deadly storms, and freezing ice. You play captain, so you bet you’re in full control. Can you beat the odds in the middle of nowhere?

  • Microsoft Xbox 360, PC – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 39.99
  • ESRB Teen
  • Greenwave

Don King Presents: Prizefighter. It’s a night out at the ring, with Don King Presents: Prizefighter. More than just your usual sports game, this one promises to deliver a story as told by “a revolutionary sports documentary-style narrative” that is certainly groundbreaking. And it’s not just about landing those punches, either, as you are out to create your own career, not only by playing the game, but by also going through the maze of promotion and marketing.

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 59.99
  • ESRB Teen
  • 2K Sports

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. Dragon Ball finally hits next-gen with Burst Limit. This title is not only the first for the franchise to land on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 but is also actually the first Hi-Def title for the franchise. Will Goku and the gang acclimate well to the next-gens?

EVE Online: Empyrean Age. Coming up is Empyrean Age, the latest free expansion for Sci-Fi RPG, Eve Online. Here, the fragile peace that has existed for a century between the four central races of New Eden finally comes to an end. Players will now have to give their loyalty to factions of their choice to achieve gain fame, wealth and power.

  • PC – June 10, 2008
  • CCP Games

Insecticide. Do not be deceived by the title. This is not just about creepy crawlers. In fact, this is actually a detective game where bugs have actually evolved as the planet’s dominant race. Not a very pretty picture, obviously, but thank goodness it’s just a game. Here, you play a detective, but a bug, nonetheless. Keep your focus and avoid being crushed in the course of your investigations.

  • Nintendo DS – June 13, 2008
  • US$ 16.99
  • ESRB Everyone 10+
  • Gamecock Media Group

Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles. More detective adventure games follow, and this time, you step into the persona of Jake Hunter. The word rest is not found in Jake’s vocabulary as he is faced with not only one, but three different crimes. This should keep you busy for a while.

  • Nintendo DS – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 19.99
  • ESRB Teen
  • Aksys

Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor. Bugs Bunny and the gang are back, and this time, they’re fulfilling their musical inclinations. Use the stylus to conduct classic tunes, and get to reminisce your childhood with loved Looney Tunes cartoon moments. If you’re too young to remember them ‘toons, then this is a good opportunity to get to know them.

  • Nintendo DS – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 19.99
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Eidos Interactive

My Fashion Studio. My Fashion Studio is a simulation game which centers on a young woman set to succeed in the fashion industry. Think Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. Only, you’re more fortunate here as you have no evil Meryl Streep of a boss as you customize your own designs, choose your own models, until eventually, you open up your very own fashion studio.

  • Nintendo DS – June 15, 2008
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Ubisoft

NASCAR 09. Coming right at you is the twelfth installment for the NASCAR series from EA Sports. Jeff Gordon does more than just posing for the cover art, cos he’s also in charge of mentoring you in the new “Sprint for the Cup” career mode. With cool rides that you can customize yourself as well as a cool soundtrack, this ought to be an exciting new way of cruising.

  • Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 59.99
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Electronic Arts

The Incredible Hulk. He turns green when he gets angry. And you want him angry if you’re playing the character of the Incredible Hulk. Come along with Bruce Banner’s action-packed adventure as he fights to cure himself of his minty condition due to a gamma radiation explosion.

  • PC – June 10, 2008
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB Rating Pending
  • Vivendi Universal

Total Extreme Wrestling 2008. Here’s one wrestling game that will not require you to be on the ring, but on the sidelines instead. If you’re not into that body-throwing action and all that bone-breaking jazz, then this one’s for you. Take on the role of a wrestling promoter and make your way to the top of the industry with wits and guile to get ahead of the dog-eat-dog wrestling promo pack.

  • PC – June 8, 2008
  • Grey Dog Software

Trainz: The Complete Collection. As the name suggests, this one here is the complete package. Compiled into one lovely box is the complete and most inclusive and in-depth train simulator. Yes, you have everything you need in order for you to experience that total magic in rails. So get chug-chuggin’ along.

  • PC – June 10, 2008
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Paradox

Buy: [Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)]
Buy: [Backyard Baseball 2009 (Wii), (PC)]
Buy: [Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy (Wii)]
Buy: [Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm (Xbox 360), (PC)]
Buy: [Insecticide (DS)]
Buy: [Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (DS)]
Buy: [Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor (DS)]
Buy: [My Fashion Studio (DS)]
Buy: [NASCAR 09 (Xbox 360), (PS3), (PS2)]
Buy: [The Incredible Hulk (PC)]

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