OpenBOR now available for PS3/Linux

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1Remember OpenBOR? Homebrew coder SamuraiX has just ported the Sony PSP application which makes side-scrolling basher games to the PlayStation 3. Installation instructions and other important reminders in the full article.

PlayStation 3 - Image 1

If you have been using OpenBOR, the Sony PSP homebrew application which creates old-school, side-scroller bashing games, coder SamuraiX wants you to know that it has just been ported to the PlayStation 3 for Linux.

You have two available building types to work on. Choose from either automated or manual. Here are the exact instructions straight from developer SamuraiX:

  • Grab the source here: svn co
  • Required Libs prior to compilation: libSDL, libSDL_gfx, LibSDL_mixer, LibSDL_image, zlib and libpng.
  • Automated Building type: ./
  • Manual Building type: source 4 make BUILD_LINUX=1

If you used the Automated building type, a Linux folder will appear under “releases” directory. The homebrew coder then instructs you to visit (via link) to download mods (also known as pak files). When you’ve done this, you should place them in the Paks folder.

If you used the Manual building type, you should create these directories beside the executable: Paks, Logs, Saves, and ScreenShots. These are case-sensitive.

You should also place xbox/data/menu.pak and all mods you downloaded from SamuraiX’s site into the Paks directory. The developer notes that you must “make sure all the directories have 777 for permissions.”

That’s a lot of instructions there but it should be worth it when you’re playing the games you’ve created. However, be sure you have the technical know-how before doing anything with OpenBOR.

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