Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? puts your skills to the test

Prinny - Image 1Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?: Tough game. Perhaps the reason why Prinny is wondering if he can really be the hero is because he’s pitted against challenges that only real heroes can conquer. How hard? Find out in the full article.

If challenging 2D games are your thing then you’ll love Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? Get a thick, rubber coating for your PSP ’cause you might end up throwing it straight unto the nearest wall in frustration.

First of all, Prinny is a terrible jumper. Prinny’s bones must be lined with metal plates from all his bone-breaking adventures, and that waist pouch must have a full-size sedan in it. Despite being able to suspend in mid-air when sword-slinging, Prinny feels very heavy, needing good momentum to get some good distance out of a jump. He IS a penguin after all.

Err... Now what? - Image 1

Just like X and Zero, getting hit in mid-air means you drop straight down like a used diaper. Lucky for the Maverick Hunters, they’ve got moves to cover that weakness – Prinny does not. You have to be extra careful that you clear the way before you jump.

The worst part is that Prinny, despite being heavy, is not heavy-armored. The poor thing can only endure three hits – and that’s in Normal Mode. You basically have to go through the levels – taking enemies down and jumping like a rock – then you have to take a boss down, all on three points of health.

Hell Mode is even worse, take ONE hit and you’re dead. Fortunately, Nippon Ichi acknowledges the difficulty with a good amount of checkpoints. Still, Prinny seriously needs to start using those wings, ’cause he can’t live on swordplay alone.

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