PS3 Echochrome getting 20 more user-created levels

Echochrome - Image 1 The goodies just keep on coming for Echochrome. If you’ve already played through the set of user-created levels we reported about last week, then get ready for another set of twenty new user-created Echochrome levels. More in the full article.

Echochrome - Image 1If you’ve already played through the last set of user-created Echochrome levels, don’t fret. There are more levels coming soon, and when we say soon, we mean as soon as tomorrow.

Kumi Yuasa, the game’s associate producer, has once again announced on the PlayStation Blog that another set of twenty user-created Echochrome levels will be available for the Sony PS3. The first ten levels will be available tomorrow while the second set of ten will arrive in another week.

Same as the last set, the new levels will appear at random while you’re playing in freeform mode. Keep checking back for more Echochrome announcements.

Via PlayStation Blog

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