Rumor squashed: no PS2 downloadable titles on PlayStation Store

Logo of Sony's PlayStation Store - Image 1Some of you may have already heard of the rumor about Sony releasing PlayStation 2 games as downloadable titles on the highly popular PlayStation Store. However, Sony representatives were quick to squash this particular rumor as Patrick Seybold recently released a statement explaining their stand on the matter. Find out more in our full article.

Alleged screenshot of PS2 titles on PlayStation Store - Image 1 

An interesting screenshot was recently sighted on the N4G forums depicting what seems to be a full version of Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty available for download on the PlayStation Store. Don’t fly off the handle just yet – this image was already recognized by Sony as a clever fake and that the company had no plans of releasing any PlayStation 2 titles on the highly popular downloadable service.

The image was originally posted by forum member NiTiZ, who stated that the image was leaked by a friend who works at Sony London. The PS2 downloadable titles will supposedly be announced during the upcoming E3 event. This move will be in response to Microsoft’s Xbox Originals which debuted on the Xbox 360 last year.

However, Sony’s Patrick Seybold released a statement to GamePro, saying that “there are no plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3”. He admitted that he wasn’t sure where the image came from, but it’s clear that this was one rumor that was squashed pretty fast.

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