Snakes for cheap: MGS 4 Limited Edition PS3 Bundle at Amazon down to US$ 450 from US$ 599

Metal Gear Solid - Image 1In times of economic crisis, it pays to pay attention. Allow us to direct your bargain finding gaze to the MGS 4 Limited Edition PS3 Bundle at Amazon which has shed almost US$ 150 from its original price of US$ 599. Good Stuff.

40GB Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Bundle - Image 1Though Sony‘s been quite adamant about avoiding price cuts for the PlayStation 3, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to drop the unit price in order to make the platform a bit more sellable.

Last month, we reported on Blockbuster dropping the price on the 40GB unit by US$ 40. Since then, other rather nice deals have been popping up. Case in point, allow us to point you to the MGS 4 Limited Edition PS3 Bundle at Amazon.

The bundle contains a Gun-Metal gray PLAYSTATION 3 with a 40GB Hard Drive, a gray DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller and, of course, the MGS 4 limited edition game itself, which is only available with this bundle.

The price of the MGS 4 Limited Edition Bundle used to be a whopping US$ 599 but has since dropped to US$ 449.99.

The holidays are just around the corner and the PlayStation’s game line up for the end of the year seems pretty impressive. With only 9, 000 of these limited edition units ever produced, you might find some stiff competition if you’re planning to get one of these things by the time the holiday rush kicks in.

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Via Amazon’s 40 GB MGS 4 Limited Edition PS3 Bundle

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