WAD Manager v1.0 makes landfall for Wiis

WAD Manager v1.0 makes landfall for Wiis - Image 1We know there’s a minority of you folk who still has to contend with seriously laggy Internet connections (it doesn’t help that you have to connect from half-way around the world, you importer, you) when re-downloading your purchased WiiWare and Virtual Console games. And even though you could shuffle your way through multiple SD cards, there’s just got to be a better way. Homebrew coder Waninkoko came up with something really close: WAD Manager v1.0 for the Nintendo Wii.

Download: WAD Manager v1.0 (DOL)
Download: WAD Manager v1.0 (ELF)

WAD Manager v1.0 makes landfall for Wiis - Image 1 

Homebrew on the Wii is very much alive since the advent of Team Twiizer’s Homebrew Channel, and developer Waninkoko just sweetened the scenario with WAD Manager version 1.0. This homebrew cherry topping should give aid to users who wish to file those WAD files on multiple SD cards and keep a collection on hand.

Like a few dedicated archive managers, Waninkoko’s WAD Manager offers users the ability to both install and uninstall the game archives (from Virtual Console and WiiWare) that they have purchased and downloaded. And it does this by transferring from an SD card than from over the network via the appropriate channels.

This will be a relief to folks out there who’s Wii Internet performance has been sluggish as of late, and who could afford to store the WAD files safely in a rugged, persistent storage (e.g., dedicated file server or your personal computer). The WAD Manager was not explicitly described as HBC-compatible, so you’ll have to do a little testing of your own.
Now we normally wouldn’t do this, but there’s little threat of getting your Wii bricked via the installation procedure. Coder Waninkoko says that in order for you to use the program, you will need a homebrew loader (USBGecko, Geckoloader, and what not) to do so.

But before you go executing WAD Manager v1.0 on the SD card, make sure to first create a directory called WAD (doesn’t have to be all caps, smaller case would do) on the root of the same card. Under that directory, dump all the WAD files you currently have in your possession. Then execute the homebrew application and voila! WAD management galore!

Refer to each homebrew applications documentation for proper operation and installation. Remember: Wiibrew.org is your new best friend. Or you can find some homebrew users on QJ.NET’s Forums.

Download: WAD Manager v1.0 (DOL)
Download: WAD Manager v1.0 (ELF)

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