Wits and Wagers on Xbox Live Arcade this week

Wits and Wagers - Image 1Remember when we revealed that the ESRB rated Wits and Wagers? If you’ve been looking forward to playing the game, then you should know that it will be arriving this week on the Xbox Live Arcade. To find out more about this, head on over to the full article.

Wits and Wagers - Image 1Place your bets and see how well you stack up against your friends. It was announced on the Gamerscore Blog that Wits and Wagers will be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade this May 7, 2008 at 9:00 A.M. GMT.

Wits and Wagers is a trivia party game with support for up to four players offline and up to six players online. It has 700 questions, achievements, leaderboards, as well as built-in support for the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and the Xbox Big Button Pad.

Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Rated E for everybody by the ESRB, this game can be downloaded for 800 Microsoft Points when it hits the Live Arcade.

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