Xbox Live: The Guitar Hero III Boss Battle Track Pack

XBL: GH3 gets a Boss Battle pack - Image 1Xbox 360 owners jamming to the tunes of Guitar Hero III:Legends of Rock (also on the PS3, PC, and Wii) will want to know that they’ve got a new free downloadable readied over at Xbox Live. The Boss Battle Track Pack will entitle players to test their mettle against the rock genre’s more famous trio of guitarists, and should provide for quite the head-banging experience. More details on this new XBL download pack are available in the full article.

XBL: Guitar Hero III gets a Boss Battle pacl - Image 1Around the start of November, Activision promised to release a downloadable Boss pack (among other goodies) for Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, PC). We’re happy to report that the publisher’s made good on their word, as the Boss Battle Track Pack makes its appearance on Xbox Live.

And as the company also promised, it’s free for download –  just be sure to have 72 MB of space handy. Those who have been honing their skills since GH3‘s launch will be facing off again the likes of Slash, Tom Morello, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Unfortunately, nothing has been announced for a similar download making it to GH3‘s PlayStation 3 and Wii ports. We’re hoping that they get their share of the updates soon after this announcement. Keep in touch when that happens.

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