Wii gets BBC player

BBC Player - Image 1The iPhone and iPod Touch have already gotten access to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) through the use of the iPlayer.It was revealed that the Nintendo Wii will also be getting a version of the player as well. Head on over to the full article for more information.

Nintendo Wii - Image 1Remember when we reported that the iPhone and iPod Touch will be getting access to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) through a new on-demand streaming service? Well it looks like the Nintendo Wii will be following suit.

Wii owners can download an early version of the iPlayer on the Internet Channel for a nominal fee and start downloading content from the BBC. You may want to wait a bit though because BBC has announced that it is currently looking for ways to provide the service for free.

That said, the iPlayer has proven to be very popular with reported downloads of over 17.2 million. In addition, over 42 million programs have already been viewed using it.

Via Eurogamers

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